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More Life:
Fitness For All

Based in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, UK

Whatever your fitness level, experience or age, 

live YOUR best life

with my personal training and nutrition programmes, tailored to your specific needs:

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates

Fitness Pilates

Personal Training with or without resistance equipment, weights and cardio components

Rehabilitation and prevention of common orthopaedic conditions

Nutritionist advice for weight loss, food intolerances, diabetes, and muscle gain.

Running Shoes

"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do.
Not a punishment  for what you ate"

Let's work together to reach your goal!


What I can do for YOU:

Wellness that truly fits with your life and style

As a certified trainer and nutritionist, I can offer a range of fitness services and dietary advice.

I'm based in Godmanchester, but can do park-or-home training in all the surrounding Cambridgeshire villages: Huntingdon, St Neots, St Ives, Hemingfords and more.

Whether it's getting you into shape, improving endurance, building strength, losing weight, rehabilitating from injury, increasing mobility,

or finding your confidence again after pregnancy and childbirth,

whether you prefer to train at home, in my studio, or in a park,

I can help you to reach MORE LIFE.



Pre and post pregnancy Pilates
Rehabilitation - Common orthopedic conditions
Fitness Pilates
Pilates for Senior Citizens



Healthy eating, simple and and fresh ideas

Weight loss programmes

Consultant for Diabetes

Consultant for Food Intolerances

Consultant for Muscle Gain

Yoga Class for all Ages

Group Training

Schedule from 26/4/21

All times in GMT

Message for details on how to join



Strength and Conditioning (Zoom)


09:10-09:55 Pilates (@The Black Bull Godmanchester)


Pilates (Zoom)

THURSDAY 07:30-08:15

Pilates (Zoom)

THURSDAY 09:10-09:55 Strength & Conditioning (@The Black Bull Godmanchester)


Personal Training

During UK Lockdown, PT is still available on a one to one basis in an outdoor public setting.
Contact me to book your session!

Iyengar Class

It's either One Day

or Day One.

You decide!


Contact Me

Drop me a text, email, call or Facebook/Instagram message and we can discuss the best way for you to achieve MORE LIFE!

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+44 7802 649584

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About Me

Maria Dickson, 
Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist


I truly believe that an active lifestyle and home made nutritious food are the basics of a happy and stress free life, not least because if we have been eating well and moved our bodies, we deserve a nice treat all the more. :-)

Too many of us are doing jobs that limit our functional movement as well as our free time, so my purpose is to help you get fitter, healthier, and happier. 

I'm a fully qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor (Future Fit, which is recognised by REP, Registry of Exercise Professionals)


Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Pilates With Small Equipment

Nutritionist - with additional qualifications specialising in:

Weight Loss


Food Intolerances

Eating for Muscle Gain

Personally, I love a variety of exercise, and in my spare time I enjoy Pilates, weight training, running, kickboxing, boxing and horse riding.

Cooking is another hobby and I can spend ages preparing platters of canapés and nibbles for dinner party guests.


Common Queries

I am 8 weeks pregnant, should I be exercising?

Absolutely! Once you have had your first midwife appointment and confirmed that all is fine with you and the baby, it is incredibly beneficial for you to work on strengthening your core muscles and keeping fit, not just throughout your pregnancy. It will improve your daily life (and sleep quality!) once baby comes along too!

I suffer from back problems, is there any kind of training that can help me feel better?

Definitely! Pilates is a gentle form of exercise for the whole body. It strengthens your back and core muscles in particular, and I am a specialist in Common Orthopaedic Problems so can guide you through each movement safely.

Isn't exercising with a Personal Trainer very expensive?

It doesn't need to cost you more than a gym membership that you end up not using for various reasons...I offer quantity discounts, group sessions and personalised plans according to your budget and circumstances. Get in touch for a free consultation and we can discuss what suits you best.

I want to eat healthily but I hate salads and don't have time to cook separate meals for myself and the rest of the family. What can I do?

Eating healthy nutritious meals doesn't have to mean boring food or complicated recipes. Let's have a chat and I will suggest a plan for you that works with your lifestyle.
I can even supply you with some of your meals!


"If you rest you rust!"​

So let's get moving!

Contact me now for a free consultation:

07802 649584

Or via social media:

Facebook: More Life Wellness Coaching

Instagram: morelife_wellness_coaching

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